Monday, 28 October 2013


Love ~
One of the greatest wonders in life.

Sometimes when we are so in 'love', we can become so consumed and lost in it that it is so hard to see which one is true and which one is false, which one is permissible or which one is forbidden. Being around someone you 'love' can make the whole world disappears, and suddenly everything is all about him (her). 
The question is, is it wrong?
No it's not, coz humans are created with desires to love and to be loved.
It will become wrong and illegal, when this love replaced the Lord of the love Himself.

When it is so hard to distinguish between real love and hawa (own vain desires), ask yourselves. 
Is being with this person that I 'love' brings me closer to Allah?
Or did he (she) had actually replaced Him in your heart?

True love makes you a better slave to Him.
Love of hawa makes you a better slave to him (her).

"Real love brings about calm - not inner torment. 
True love allows you to be at peace with yourselves and with God. 
That is why Allah says: "that you may dwell in tranquility." (30:21) 
Hawa is the opposite." 
Yasmin Mogahed.

For those whose love keeps them away from Allah, its time to break free from the prison of your own making. Yes, its hard, but Allah will never test us with something beyond our capability.

And for those who had found the real love, treasure well this blessing from Him, 
and use it well to strengthen your relationship with Allah. 
May He granted us with true love which will raise our iman, that will make us love Him even more with each passing day.
Amin ya rabb. :)


Mohamad Nazrul Fazli said...

Is this from her book, Reclaim Your Heart?. i have one before, but i gave it to somebody i met on the plane.

Khazinatul Asrar said...

Yup, very inspiring indeed. You gave it to someone on the plane?

Mohamad Nazrul Fazli said...

in the flight from rochester to chicago, i sat beside a non-muslim businessman. he's a very good guy at his middle age. i randomly had conversation with him. we talked about future, business, life,etc.before i got out of the flight, i gave to him with the hope may Allah grant him hidayah..
yes, this is a very good book in the quest of meaning as the human being..:)

Khazinatul Asrar said...

Oo, I see. What a good act.. May Allah bless you and him. :)