Monday, 4 November 2013

For I Cannot Weaken If He Is With Me..

Sometimes I do feel lonely, even when I have everyone around me.
Sometimes I do feel exhausted when I had actually done nothing.
Sometimes I do feel like drowning.
Drowning in my own self, like a fish drown in an open sea.

Then I realise something.
I realise I need a cure, even when I'm not physically sick.
No, it's not the body. It's the soul.
And I realise, no one can save me. 
No one but Him.

Then He gave me a present.
It's Muharam.
Another good strong reason to keep the positive changes for a better me.
And alhamdulillah, it comes in winter.
Longer quieter nights to be closer to Him.
To become a faithful lover,
Who had been longing the love of her Creator.

Yes, its Muharam.
Another year of hopes and dreams.
May this year comes with greater blessings.
May each day pass, and the closer I'll be.
For I cannot weaken if He is with me.

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