Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My first hero (and will always be)

I was chattering with my friend, Fiona, exchanging stories of our childhood, and giggling together, how funny it was, back almost 20 years ago (how time flies!) and how protective our dads were.  :)
Then suddenly she said,

"You know, I'm certain, everything they did were for our own good. That's for sure."
"Yup, I know." 
"When your father is old and isn't strong anymore like mine, when he unable to talk and express things like he used to be, you will miss those moments. I guarantee, you will."

I looked at her. There was sadness in her eyes.
I know what she meant. Well, I already miss him. :(

When the time comes, maybe I'm the one not letting go. :(

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