Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kerana Amanah Itu yang Tergalas Di Bahu..

Ya Allah, jadikanlah kecintaan kami kepada ilmu sedalam lautan-Mu yang paling dalam. 
Berkatilah kami dengan ilmu yang bermanfaat untuk dunia dan akhirat kami, dan jauhkanlah kami daripada ilmu yang membawa kami lebih jauh daripada-Mu.
Jauhilah kami dari sifat malas, dan berikanlah kami kekuatan untuk menempuhi cabaran dalam mencari ilmu-Mu ya Allah.

Ya Allah, kami datang ke sini kerana-Mu Ya Allah.
Segala kesusahan, segala kesulitan ini hanya kerana-Mu, 
Kau terimalah usaha kami, dan berkatilah hidup kami dengannya.
Amin ya rabb.

Mengapa engkau belajar?
"Kamu belajar adalah untuk memberi khidmat kepada seluruh ummat.
Dan kamu belajar untuk berkhidmat untuk Islam."

Dear myself, 

Go and seek knowledge as much as you can. Only with knowledge you will learn bout Him better, and you learn to serve Him better. Seek for knowledge, and use it well to be closer to Him. Its ok to struggle a bit on the way. That's a normal process. As long as you are willing to strive hard and have a pure intention for Him, He will always be there for assisstance. Have faith.

And don't forget to serve the ummah. You have great responsibilities there. There must be good reasons why Allah put you in this career. And this is one of the great reasons. He's giving you good firm ground, a chance, an opportunity to thank Him, by serving the ummah. And may He purify your heart, and may you be a better servant to Him, and only Him.


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Mohamad Nazrul Fazli said...

You know this hadeeth, but just for your motivation:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever follows a path to seek knowledge, Allah will make the path to Jannah (Paradise) easy for them.” [Sahih Muslim 2699; Sunan Tirmidhi 2945]

Seeking knowledge is a path (wasilah) to obtain His paradise, the ultimate destination for a believer..:)