Thursday, 26 September 2013

If you choose to see..

When I first entered medical school, I was so excited because I knew I'm gonna learn lotsss of incredible new things that I had always wished to know since I was little. Allah said mankind are His best creation, and I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to learn about it. 

Dolu-dolu, ayah kept asking me.
"Betul ke kakak nak jadi doktor ni? Susah tau belajar. Tengok Kak Ina (my cousin). Sampai muntah-muntah study."
"Tengok Apih (my other cousin), kurus kering dah haa belajar medic."

Nak kata punya susahnya belajar medic, punya banyaknya nak kena hadam.
But I took the challenge, coz I want to know more.
I thought the more I learn, the more I'll know.

Yeah, true indeed. 
The more I learn, the more I know that we actually DON'T know.

There are so many things bout human and it's functions, bout diseases and its cure are still beyond our reach of knowledge. 
Simple example, paracetamol (or people used to call it panadol).
It works fine right? Sakit kepala sikit, rasa nak demam sikit, or feel maybe generally unwell sikit, just take panadol. Works for most people. The principle behind it, no one knows. There are lots of theories, but it remain as theories. Not proven yet. 

Same goes with the diseases, ada banyak lagi yang still in active research. Well, to certain extend, it make things easy coz less things to remember (gaya budak medic yang malas). 

But it make me realize one very important thing, Subhanallah, betapa luasnya ilmu Allah Ta'ala yang menjadikan setiap ciptaan-Nya dengan sehalus-halus seni, dan betapa terbatasnya ilmu manusia.
Betullah kata Prof Muhaya, learning bout His creations, be it human, plants, animals, even the seas and its contents; will drive you closer to Him, if you choose to see.

"Semakin bertambah ilmuku, semakin ku tahu akan kebodohanku."
Imam Ghazali

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